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Gregory P. Smith, MS


Make Your Team Building Events Fun!


One of my favorite team building games is the "Terrorist Toxic Explosive Situation." This is a easy to perform exercise for both adults or teenagers. The goal is to decontaminate a can of "toxic" popcorn that has been secretly placed in the room by terrorists. Your team has to quickly come up with a plan of action, assemble tools and equipment, transfer the material into a "safe" container before the "toxic" substance explodes. A great game to identify the "planners," "doers," and "thinkers," in your group. It also demonstrates the importance of having a good plan. Comes with a debriefing questionnaire to help people understand what went right and what went wrong. A million laughs!


Over 64 Icebreakers and Team Building Activities

Designed to:

  • Make your classes and meetings fun! 

  • Make your meetings productive, motivating and exciting!

  • Improve communication

  • Foster creativity and innovation

  • Help resolve conflicts between people

  • Build strong team building skills

  • Enhance cohesiveness

  • Recognize everyone's unique talent and abilities

  • Sharpen problem-solving skills

  • Save Yourself Time!

This Ice Breaker Book Is a Great Resource For:


  • Business meetings

  • Corporate team building

  • Leadership training

  • Church groups

  • Retreats

  • Team building exercises for teens

  • Sorority get-togethers

  • Teachers

  • Team training

  • Creative problem solving

  • Planning sessions


Greg Smith

Author, Trainer & Consultant

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Section 1 - Quick and Easy Team Icebreakers

Twenty-seven different team building activities to help you keep team meetings and your teams energized including:

  • A Great Day for Hats!

  • Letters and Names

  • This is Ridiculous!

  • The Napkin Game

  • Name that Person Ball Toss

  • This Is Me!

  • Introduce the Person Next To You

  • Yep

  • Want Ads

  • Toilet Paper Tango

  • Truths or Consequences

  • Secret Agent

  • Role the Die

  • Empty Chair

  • Playing Card Introductions

  • Personal Emblems

  • Team Crests

Section 2 - Creative Brainstorming Icebreakers

  • Dollar Exchange Idea

  • A Bag Full of Money

  • Story Boards

  • The World's Best Place to Work

  • The Car

Section 3 - Communication Icebreakers

  • The Paper Communication Exercise

  • Can You Follow Directions?

  • Balloon Game

Section 4. Problem Solving Icebreakers


Many different exercises to help people brainstorm and think creatively including: 

  • Reverse Brainstorming

  • Gordon/Little Group Technique

  • Advantages/Disadvantages

  • Consensus Mapping

  • Nominal Group Technique

  • Osborn's Brainstorming

Section 5 - Team Building Icebreakers


Several stimulating exercises designed to get groups of people working together. Each exercise lasts 15-45 minutes.

  • Co-Operation

  • Crash in Piranha Valley

  • Puzzle

  • Golf Ball in the Bag

  • Space Mission to the Moon

  • Torpedo Weapons Loading Exercise

  • Scavenger Hunt

  • Terrorist Toxic Explosive Situation - A fun and suspenseful situation where your team has 30 minutes to "decontaminate" a container of "explosive" popcorn. They can only use equipment you provide. (See picture on the right side of the page. MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!!

Section 6 - Team Building Case Studies


Five case studies to help your team sharpen their problem-solving and analytical skills. I have used Heartbreak Hotel to train people to identify leadership problems and customer service breakdowns.

  • Heartbreak Hotel

  • Can You Help Mary?

  • Dictator or Delegator?

  • BOHICA Airline Company

  • What Good Managers Must Do

Section 7 - Funny Stories Icebreakers


Funny stories to use in your training programs you can read to your group that will keep them in stitches.  Great openers or closers for speeches or training programs.

  • The Art of Raising Pigs

  • New Restroom Policy

  • Guidelines for Casual Dress Days

Testimonials from Owners Who Love This Book!


"This is my go-to book for planning icebreakers for training sessions. Fun and innovative - they help to start training on a positive note and make my job easier."


Debbie Nance

Client Services

AMN Healthcare, Inc

"I want to thank you for your book Ice Breakers and Teambuilding Exercises. I used two of your exercises at a recent meeting. The Toilet Paper Tango was perfect! It was a great way to begin our meeting and helped set a positive tone for the rest of the two-day session.

The second day of our meeting I used The Paper and Communication Exercise to drive home the point of effective communication. It really helped the group understand the importance of seeking clarity and how to explain things in a clear fashion.

I have led many meetings in my career and always seem to be frantically searching for exactly the right exercise. This book took all that anxiety away and made for not only some great fun, but some meaningful exchanges with our participants. Again, thank you so much for sharing this incredibly valuable book with me."

Gwyne Mesimer
VP, Customer Operations
Chamberlin Edmonds

"This exceptional book is chock full of exciting and entertaining group building and meeting start-up exercises.  I am enjoying the wide range of ‘tried and true’ activities.  The instructions are clearly given, and they vary regarding the amount of time required.  In addition, Greg offers stimulating variations for some of the exercises to focus on specific needs.  As a business leader, this is a ‘must have’ resource for your library!"


Christie Schellenberger
Program Supervisor


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icebreakers and teambuilding exercises, ice breakers


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icebreakers and teambuilding exercises, ice breakers

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